Broadcast TV Work | Canon C500 II

Back when the original C300 was released, Canon had a firm standing in the Broadcast market. But the C300MKII hasn't quite been as popular as its predecessor (although it is a fantastic camera) it ticks many boxes, but not quite all of them.C500 MKII

The C500 MKII isn't primarily designed for TV, but it definitely ticks a lot of the boxes for TV users. Firstly its much more compact, and not quite as tall as the C300 MKII, and when paired with the V2 extension unit, it sits perfectly on the shoulder.C500 MKII

Just like the C300 MKII, the C500 MKII shares the same XFAVC codec in 4K, however, it downsamples that 4K from the full 5.9K sensor resulting in a cleaner image and a lower noise floor. The C500 MKII can also do this in 50/60p which is great as the C300 MKII wasn't able to offer 4K 50/60p.C500 MKII

Canon's autofocus is something we constantly talk about here, and with the C500 MKII, there isn't an exception. You get the same great performing autofocus that you would expect from Canon, which works brilliantly in a fast-paced broadcast environment.

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This video was filmed using:

Main Camera - Canon C300MKII
Broll Camera - Canon C200
Lens - Sigma 18-35mm
Audio Sennheiser AVX-ME2 Set

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