Built-in ND filters on Mirrorless | Canon EOS R Filter Mount

The EOS R has been on the market for a while now, and one of the most underrated features of the camera (which I think has been overshadowed by its 4K crop for video) is the Drop-In Filter Mount for the EOS R. This mount essentially adds a built-in variable ND to the EOS R, and built-in ND filters are usually a feature that reserved for larger video cameras.

EOS R Filter

Now, this mount works like the regular RF to EF lens mount adapter that comes with the EOS R, allowing you to use Canons older EF lenses on the new RF mount of the EOS R. The Variable ND drop-in filter feels like part of the camera in a way that a screw-on variable ND just doesn't. There's no unscrewing of filters, or messing around with step-up/ down rings when your lenses have different size filter threads. It's just as simple as doing a regular lens change, which is fantastic, especially on a mirrorless body.

EOS R Filter

There are three filter options for the Canon Drop-In Filter Mount, a variable ND, a polarizer filter, and a clear filter to sit in the mount for when you don't need the other two. The filters are operated via a small wheel on the mount, which makes it very easy to quickly adjust the level of ND; especially whilst still supporting the camera, as you would be doing if you adjusted zoom or focus on your lens.

EOS R Filter

We did a quick comparison between our Tiffen 77mm Variable Neutral Density Filter and the variable ND for Canons Drop-In Filter Mount in our video above. Both performed well, but the Canon Drop-In Filter did have less colour shift than the Tiffen. Overall, this is a really good option if you own an EOS R, or are looking at getting one for video, and we'd love to see more products like this from other manufacturers.


Canon Drop-In Filter Mount With Variable ND
Canon Drop-In Filter Mount With Circular Polarizer 
Canon Drop-In Circular Polarizer
Canon Drop-In Clear Filter
Canon Drop-In V-ND Filter
Tiffen 77mm Variable ND Filter


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