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Canon 1DX III - A Look at the Video Features


So, late last year, Canon announced the 1DX MKIII, which is, of course, their flagship DSLR camera, now while it's primarily a stills camera, the video specs are by far the best we've seen from a Canon DSLR to date and will be a great option for a smaller, fully weather-sealed video camera.


In the video, above we go over the full spec, whilst answering some questions about the camera, but the headline feature, is full-frame, 5.5K RAW video, at up to 60fps in .CRM files.

Canon 1DX MKIIINow, there are a tonne of recording options on the 1DX III, including HEVC mp4 recording for the non-RAW side of the camera. When shooting in mp4, both UHD and DCI 4K are available and both of these are downsampled from the full sensor. There are crop modes available (the crop is around a 1.3x crop), but you're never forced into these crop modes to use any features, which is great. The only exception is this, is for autofocus when shooting in 50/60p which isn't available when using the full-frame. Now interestingly, when Clog is enabled, the camera switches from 8bit h.264, to 10bit h.265 which is worth keeping in mind. 120fps in 1080p also makes a return from the MKII. But there is no crop and uses the full sensor, unlike the MKII which is great to see.


Physically, not much has changed from the MKII, which isn't a bad thing, the ergonomics of the MKII were fantastic, as was the weather sealing, the 1DX MKIII is still a tough camera. The biggest difference physically, the AF on button. Which is a great alternative to the joystick (which hasn't gone anywhere) it allows you to move the AF point much quicker than with the joystick.

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