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C500 MKII | A look at the Cinema EOS Lineup

Welcome back to our video series on the C500 MKII, today we're taking a step back to see where the new C500 MKII fits into Canons current Cinema EOS lineup in late 2019.


Starting off at the entry-level camera in the lineup, the C100 MKII is quite an old camera, which we would love to see get a refresh, but it's still a current camera. If all you need is a quality 1080p camera, then you can't go wrong really. You get two XLR ports, built-in ND filters and a great image. It's nothing super fancy, but that's why it's such a good option for people, it's a workhorse camera for those who don't need 4K.C100 MKII


The Canon C200 was the latest Canon camera prior to the C500 (unless you count the sensor upgrade to the C700) and is extremely popular for corporate and commercial work. It's a bit of a strange beast in some ways, giving you space-efficient 4K, 8bit files which are great for fast turn around work (which we use for a lot of our Broll for our Youtube channel), or 12bit RAW files to C-Fast 2.0 cards in Canons Cinema RAW lite codec. The C200 also features Canons dual pixel autofocus, which for interviews, is absolutely fantastic. The C200 gives users the best of both worlds, with a small, space-efficient 8bit codec for those smaller jobs where you don't want huge file sizes but still want great image quality, but allowing you to step up for those higher budget jobs where you need RAW.C200


The C300 MKII is another camera in the lineup that we would like to see refreshed, but this camera has been our workhorse for this channel for years. It's solidly built, and has a solid 4k 10bit 4:2:2 XF-AVC codec inside and goes all the way up to 12bit 4:4:4 in 1080p, which I think can be a feature that is massively overlooked. Canons dual pixel autofocus is of course here, as well as a 4K RAW output over one of the SDI ports on the back of the camera.C300 MKII


Now we've hit the C500 MKII, which fills a gap in Canons Cinema EOS lineup. The original C500 has been dated for quite a while, especially since the release of the C300 MKII. But the C500 MKII is the first offering in the lineup which utilises a full-frame sensor and offers recording resolutions higher than 4K. There is both XF-AVC in 4K which downsamples the full 5.9K sensor for a much cleaner and more detailed 4K image. As well as Cinema RAW Lite in 5.9K RAW, perfect for productions which require more flexibility in post.

C500C700 FF

At the top of Canons, lineup is the C700 FF, which offers a full-frame 5.9K sensor housed in a body that is meant for a full production environment. This isn't a solo shooter camera, and is designed to be used with a crew, and delivers stellar image quality.C700 FF





C700 FF


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This video was filmed using:

Main Camera - Canon C300MKII
Broll Camera - Canon C200
Lens - Sigma 18-35mm
Audio Sennheiser AVX-ME2 Set

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