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Canon EOS R3

Last night Canon announced the development of the latest addition to their mirrorless family, and their new flagship camera, the R3. Now this isn't a full product announcement, and Canon has not released all of the details of the camera yet, but what we do know, is that it's quite possibly going to be a very exciting camera.

A Mirrorless 1DX?

Now, Canon hasn't released much information about the R3, and have only released one picture of the camera so far. From the looks of that picture, it does resemble their 1DX line of cameras, with a built-in vertical grip. We do know that it uses an RF mount just like their other full-frame mirrorless cameras.

Speed is King

Now in the 30-second teaser video for the camera, speed and responsiveness were driven home. The camera can shoot stills up to 30 frames per second, 10fps more than the R5, and is comparable with the competition, the Sony A1.

Eye AF Control

Canon has teased a new feature with the R3, which allows you to control the AF point through the EVF with your eye. Now there aren't many details about how this works, but we doubt this will be a gimmick considering it's being implemented on their flagship mirrorless camera, and it could be a fantastic way to quickly and naturally choose what part of the image to focus on, just by looking at it. We're very much excited to learn more about this feature.

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