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Today Canon have teased a few more details on the upcoming Canon R3 camera. Now we've already covered the initial tease of the R3 earlier in the year, which you can find here if you missed it.

Vehicle Tracking

Now Canon teased a new tracking subject when they first teased the R3, and left us wondering what that might be. But today we've found out that the new subject is car and motorbike tracking, which for anyone shooting motorsports, will really come in handy. These new modes will also be available in video modes as well as stills modes, which is fantastic to see and should mean that Canon are aiming to make this a capable video camera, as well as a capable stills camera.

Oversampled 4K & RAW Video

Just like the 1DX MKIII and the R5, the R3 is capable of recording RAW video internally with the inclusion of Clog 3. We also get oversampled 4K, but we don't know what resolution the camera is so we don't yet know what the 4K will be oversampled from. We doubt it will be 8K, as with the R5, Canon lead with the fact that it is an 8K capable camera, so we'd expect the R3 to oversample from a lower resolution, perhaps from around 5K, like the Canon R6 does.

1DX Build

We already knew that the camera had a similar design to the 1DX line, but Canon has further elaborated, stating that the camera has the same level of weather sealing as the 1DX line. Unlike the 1DX line, the R3 now has a fully articulating screen, which we didn't quite expect to see, but for video users is a great addition.

Canon R3

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