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DJI Osmo Action

Today DJI has announced the Osmo Action, a small 4K action cam. This action camera has a very familiar design from other action cameras on the market, but the Osmo Action features dual screens, one on the back, and one on the front next to the lens.DJI Osmo Action

The camera can shoot 4K up to 60fps at 100Mbps and  240fps at 1080p as well as HDR video. DJI have included what they're calling RockStedy, which is a combination of Electronic Image Stabilisation, and complex algorithms to help deliver what DJI are claiming is 'shake-free footage' which looks very interesting.

DJI Osmo Action

As you would expect from an action camera, it's waterproof. DJI specify that the camera is waterproof to 11 meters, and can operate in temperatures as low as -10°C, making it great for a huge range of conditions. You can also control the camera through the DJI Mimo App, which is used for the Osmo Pocket.DJI Osmo Action

DJI Osmo Action

This video was filmed using:

Main Camera - Canon C300 MKII 
LensSigma 18-35 f1.8
Audio Sennheiser AVX-ME2 Set

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