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Our equipment for Youtube for 2021

The ProAV TV YouTube channel has been going strong for over 5 years. Over four years ago Carl made a video going over the equipment he was using back then to make the videos, and the topic of what kit we use hasn't really been returned to at all on the channel. So we decided to update that video in 2021 showing you the kit we use day to day to make our videos.

I won't repeat what's already been said in the video above, but its fair to say, there are a lot more fantastic options for just about every piece of kit in 2021, than when we made the last iteration of this video. There are of course some pieces of kit that we've been using for ProAV TV for years, such as the Datavideo TP-300 iPad Teleprompter and Sennheiser AVX system that we haven't changed at all.

If you'd like to see the full list of the equipment featured in this video, you can find it here.

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