EVA 1 Footage: How does it compare?

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The time is very nearly upon us, with less than a week before the Panasonic EVA 1 is available to the public, we at ProAV have been granted a chance to test it out properly and put it through it’s paces against some of its main competitors.

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Regulars to the channel will know that this is not the first time we’ve had our hands on this highly anticipated camera; a few weeks ago we took a pre-production model out for a day at the sea-side for a first-time glimpse at the features. However, not only was the build pre-production, but internally it was working on BETA firmware so any footage shot wouldn’t have been an accurate portrayal of its image quality.

Final Firmware is here!

But now, we have an up-to-date, ready to go model, and first things first; we head out to inspect the image quality. Firstly trying out the various Gamma profiles. EVA has 5 different profiles that they call “Scene files” 1-5 and then of course V-Log.

After a quick check for rolling shutter – Barely noticeable, but there in small amounts at high speeds – we test out the Image Stabilisation.  EVA has a 5.7K sensor which it crops into a 4K image, using the extra space to stabilise the shot.  Whilst only making a slight difference during walking shots, the handheld stationary shots proved much more noticeable.

200FPS made for some impressively smooth slow-motion shots, if a little noisy. 100fps was a lot cleaner.

Comparing to the Competition

Heading inside we put EVA in line against each of its main competitors: The Canon C200, the Sony FS7, the BlackMagic Ursa Mini Pro, and the two cameras placed either side of EVA in the Panasonic Lineup: the GH5, and the Varicam LT.  Check out the video above for how each image stands up against each other. Each was recorded on the same lens and identical setups. Overall EVA does a very good job against the rest of the cameras, and in our low-light tests the dynamic range proves extremely capable at being able to save incorrectly exposed shots.


EVA 1 Overexposure


You can see for yourself how the picture compares, and – more than ever – we’d love to hear your reaction, if you already own one of these other cameras, how does EVA compare?  Leave a comment below and don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel for more videos like this. Thanks for reading.

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EVA 1 Comparison



EVA 1 Native ISO

EVA 1 Native ISO

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  • Andy Whitby

    27th October 2017 at 6:00 pm

    Hi, Really useful comparison thanks. Would also love to see how they compare, colour-wise, when attempting to match them in post. This for me, would be a deal-breaker when choosing - ie/ can the camera in question be integrated into my existing collection of cameras? No doubt you are busy but would be good to see!
    I am just finishing a 5-night stunt shoot in low-light with 2 Varicam 35's and I am really impressed so far. Having to reboot every time (1 minute) to change into HFR Mode for 100fps is slightly painful and a bit counter-intuitive at first but that's a tiny problem to put up with. Your observation with EVA1 about the Base ISO drop when in HFR also applies on the Varicam 35 -ie/ 5000 becomes 2500 (and 800 becomes 400). Don't yet know why but at least they are honest and it acts as a warning that noise will potentially increase! BTW, in choosing the cameras I did a comparison - at this stage it was Varicam LT (not 35) - with Arri Amira and Alexa Mini. I can say with confidence that Varicam LT at 8000 ISO is less noisy than the Arri cameras at 3200 ISO - quite a claim.


  • James Mellor

    27th October 2017 at 8:29 pm

    Wow! Great review and comparison of the cameras. I'm really torn between C200 and EVA1. If C200 had the proper 10bit out like EVA it would win. Also, the Auto focus is better on C200...

    Actually, makes me take a closer look at Blackmagic as a contender.

    Still thinking????

    Thank you.


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