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Fujifilm X-T4 - Up to Speed

Fujifilm have updated the X-T3, adding a host of features to the X-T4 which will could potentially make it one of the best hybrid mirrorless cameras on the market in it's price range.


5-Axis In-Body Image Stabilisation

Fujifilm have taken their I.B.I.S system from the X-H1 lineup and rebuilt it with magnetic-based technology rather than using springs, making the system 30% smaller and 20% lighter. This becomes the first time in Fujifilm's lineup they have combined I.B.I.S with the flagship performance of the X-T lineup, and just this new feature alone will make the X-T4 a much more compelling option for hybrid mirrorless camera users. Small cameras like this enable you to work incredibly fast in difficult situations and having powerful in-camera image stabilisation is very welcome indeed.

UHD 60p & 1080p 240fps

The X-T4 inherits much of the same frame rate and codec options from the X-T3, which is not a problem, as the X-T3 already gave us plenty of options like 40K 60p, All-I 400mbps, 10 bit 4:2:0 colour sampling. What the X-T4 adds to this list though is 1080p at up to 240 frames a second.

Flip Out Screen

Now for video users, a flip-out screen is a make or break feature for a camera. The XT4 has moved away from the tilt screen on its predecessor. When you combine this feature with I.B.I.S, the X-T4 is looking like a great small, run and gun or vlogging camera.

Redesigned Battery

The X-T4 now features a new, the NP-W235, which Fujifilm are stating that the new battery has 1.5 more capacity than its predecessor, which to be fair, is needed. The battery life on the X-T3 wasn't fantastic, but hopefully, this new battery design will give the X-T4 battery life that is much more comparable to its competition.

With this redesigned battery, comes a new battery grip, which does make the camera a bit larger and more ergonomic. The new battery grip is the only place on the camera you'll find a 3.5mm headphone jack, as it's been removed from the camera body itself, to make way for the I.B.I.S. There is also a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter cable to get around the issue. Now this isn't ideal, but it's nice to see Fujifilm giving options for a headphone jack, rather than just completely stripping the camera of the feature.

Retro Design

Just like the X-T3 before it, the X-T4 shares the same look and feel, with physical dials on the top of the camera for controlling exposure. The only differences ergonomically is the new placement of assignable buttons on the back, and a slightly larger handgrip, which makes the camera more comfortable to hold.

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