What is Gamma? | Tech Terms with Alister Chapman

Welcome back to our series on Tech Terms with Alister Chapman.
This week we're discussing gamma, what it is, and how it fits into the image-making process.

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Who is Alister Chapman?

Alister is one of the most highly respected cameramen / industry tutors around. Operating as a freelance DOP/producer/editor, Alister has worked in broadcast television since 1984. He has consulted on major projects for New York museums, provided stock footage to over 30 clients and filmed for the BBC, Sky, NBC and Discovery.

As a Sony ICE (Independent Certified Expert) Alister travels the world, running workshops and training professionals on Sony products. Despite his close connection to Sony, Alister has always maintained an objective, independant and unbiased viewpoint. Choosing the tools and workflows that work for him and his clients first and foremost.

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