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Today Panasonic has announced two new cameras in their Micro Four Thirds lineup, the GH5 MKII and the highly anticipated GH6, details on the GH6 are a little vague currently, as this is only a development announcement and we do not yet know the full spec.


Like I mentioned above Panasonic have only announced the development of the GH6, and have not given us all the details just yet, but they have shared a few snippets of information which is very interesting.

We know the GH6 will have a new sensor and processor, that will be able to record 10bit 5.7K up to 60p, 10bit DCI 4K up to 60p with no record limits and 4K 120p, and that the camera is coming in 2021.


Now we do know a little bit more about the GH5 MKII than we do about the GH6. The GH5 MKII shares the same sensor as the GH5, but features a more powerful processor which allows it to build up a good amount of little spec bumps across the entire camera. By far the biggest change on the GH5 MKII is that the camera can now live stream, directly from the camera. There are two options for this, either you can connect to Panasonics mobile app to use your phone as a hotspot, and to control settings. Or you connect the camera to a wifi network and load your settings in through an SD card.

We also see the AF system from the S5 make its way to the camera, which from the time we've gotten to spend with the camera, works really well. It's still not up to the standards of Canon & Sony's AF systems but is a huge improvement over what we've previously seen in a Panasonic camera. The GH5 II now has 6.5 stops of I.B.I.S, can record DCI 4K up to 60p, and can now record 4K 60p 10bit internally rather than externally.



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