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iFootage have made some of our favourite pieces of equipment over the years, including the Shark Slider Nano, Gazelle tripods and their Cobra monopods. The SpiderCrab range might just seem like arms and clamps at first sight, but with the track record of iFootage they've definitely got our attention.

iFootage SpiderCrab Range

Articulating Arms

There are two versions of iFootage'e new articulating arms. The LT versions, which are more like a standard articulating arm and the MA versions, which are the ones we'd recommend due to the quick release system that they use. Both versions of the arms come in two lengths, and have the same payload of 6KG vertically and 2.2 KG horizontally.

Larger Arms & Suction Mounts

There aren't just a few neat articulating arms in iFootage's lineup, there is also a larger support arm which can be used to support a slider on a single tripod, but also can be clamped to just about anything to position a small camera, light, or microphone wherever you need it. These arms can also be used alongside their new suction mounts for creating a versatile car rig, which looks like it could become a really versatile system.

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