Instant Extra Zoom | Sony A7 III | Quick Tips

The full-frame A7 III is a popular option for a hybrid stills & mirrorless camera in Sony's lineup. One of the most useful features that we've found when using the camera is the APS-C crop mode. This allows you to use cheaper APS-C lenses if you like (whist still able to record 4K), but also allows you to get that extra reach out of your lenses.


For prime lenses, you can think of this feature as having two lenses in one, and your zooms will be able to zoom in that little bit further.

We recommend using one of the assignable buttons to quickly access this feature, without having to delve into Sony's, let's face it, labyrinth of a menu structure.

To set an assignable button, hit the menu button, scroll across to camera tab 2, page 8. From there you'll have options to set assignable buttons (or custom keys) for stills, video and playback modes. You then can pick an assignable button of your choice, and set the button to 'APS-C S35/Full Frm Sel' which is on page 1 of 18.

Sony A7 III

You can, of course, set other assignable buttons here to whatever features you'd like. But setting the APS-C crop to an assignable button is something that we think every A7 III user should be aware of. There isn't a massive quality difference between Full Frame mode and APS-C mode, although Full Frame mode is slightly sharper, with a lower noise floor. The APS-C mode also suffers from less rolling shutter, which is something worth keeping in mind.



Sony A7 III

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