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Shooting with the C200, Aputure, Swit & LS lights

Putting equipment through its paces in a real-world environment is the best method of testing what gear is capable of. And that's exactly what we've been doing.

Sometimes the best way to get an idea of how different pieces of equipment will fit into your production is to just use them. We've recently partnered up with Julian Wakefield, and his production company Teralon to put some equipment to the test. Julian is a UK based Director, Cinematographer and founder of Teralon. Recently Julian tested out the C200, Aputure 300d, LS 1380, and Swit flexible LED panels, all of which we love here at Proav. The shoot was a real-life furniture commercial, so all of the kit here was being truly put through its paces.Julian WakefieldLSLS

Check out Julian's channel here

Due to the large file sizes, Julian didn't shoot the entire project in Canons cinema raw light on the C200 but did switch to it from the MP4 mode for certain shots where he needed the extra flexibility in post. Now the footage from the camera looks fantastic, both in RAW and MP4, which you'll see in Julian's video. It really does show how good the image is from the C200, even in the 8bit MP4 codec.C200

It was great to see Julian putting all of the lights to use, especially when it came to the Swit flexible LED panels, which are small and lightweight so can be put just about anywhere. The Aputure 300d, which was the most powerful of the lights, was being regularly used to imitate sunlight on a bright sunny day, which of course in the UK there is a severe lack of.LS

SWITCheck out the kit used in Julian's video below:

Canon C200

Canon 18-80mm T4.4

Aputure 300d

LS 1380

LS Edge 1080

Swit S-2610 Flexible LED Panel

Swit Flexi S-2620 Flexible LED Panel

Check out Julians Channel

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