LS LED Tubes & Lightweight Panels | NAB 2019

At NAB this year, LS showed off a variety of new lights, including a new range of thin, lightweight LED panels, and updated, colour accurate LED tube lights.

Let's start with the LED tube lights, now, LS has previously made tube lights with much older technology, these new lights are bringing those older models into the modern day. These tubes are colour accurate, are bicolour and are diffused which makes the light coming from them quite soft. LS was showing off an RGB version which is always great to see from a lighting manufacturer, having the flexibility of RGB is fantastic. There were two types of tube lights, ones which offered 360 degrees light coverage, and one that offers around 180-degree coverage.

There was then the Flaglight range of lights. Now, these are a little different, they offer the same mentality of a flexible LED light, being very lightweight and thin. But instead of being flexible, they are rigid to help with durability. These lights come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, which is fantastic to see. On the side of the lights, there are fixed (but still movable) barn doors, or flags, which attach to each other via velcro and can be used to attach other accessories such as diffusers.

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