Lupo's New Flagship LED Panel | Lupo Superpanel Full Colour 60

A little while ago, we took a look at the Lupo Superpanel Full Colour 30, Lupo's 1x1 RGB soft light, and they've expanded the range with a 2x1 version, the Superpanel Full Colour 60.Lupo Superpannel Full Colour 60

Lupo Superpanel Full Colour 60

If you're familiar with the Full Colour 30 (or any other Lupo light for that matter) then you'll feel at home with the Full Colour 60. The UI is the same as the Full Colour 30, and the light offers the same modes, white light mode, HSI, RGB and various different lighting effects built in. Now being a 2x1 version of the Full Colour 30 the Full Colour 60 is twice as bright, measuring just under 9000 lux at 1m.

Lupo Full Colour 60 Lupo Full Colour 60

The big difference between Dual Colour 60 and the 30, is power consumption. As it's twice the size, it does draw twice the power. Rather than adding a large power brick to the light, Lupo has opted for two smaller units mounted to the back of the light, being powered off of one cable, thanks to the included splitter cable, giving power to both transformers. You can also power the light off of batteries using two additional battery plates (as you'll need two batteries), which is a nice option to have. You'll need large capacity batteries as the light is quite power hungry, we recommend the SWIT PB-S200SLupo Superpannel Full Colour 60

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