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Welcome to the fourth instalment of our Kinefinity In Depth series. Today we're looking at Kinefinity's Flagship camera, the MAVO LF.MAVO LF camera in black


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The Sensor

The MAVO LF has a full frame 6K sensor, which is the largest sensor in Kinefinitys range. We've seen large format cinema cameras from most of the competition recently and it's great to see Kinefinity following suit. A full frame sensor allows for a much shallower depth of field compared to Super 35mm sensors, allowing you to really isolate your subject. The MAVO LF offers the same 6K resolution that the regular MAVO offers but on a much larger sensor. The MAVO LF offers slightly better frame rates than the MAVO, in 6K you can get up to 50fps, up to 75fps in 6K wide using the full sensor. Crop down to a Super 35mm crop and you can get up to 80fps in 5K wide (and 60fps in 5K) and up to 100fps in 4K wide. Crop down to M43 crop and you can get up to 150fps in 3K wide, and if you crop down to a Super 16 crop and you'll get up to 200fps in 2K wide.MAVO LF camera in black with the main features

As you would expect with Kinefinity's lineup, you can record in either ProRes or RAW. With the MAVO LF (as well as the MAVO) having the addition of ProRes 4444 XQ.MAVO LF

You get all the same great downsampling options in the MAVO LF so you can downsample the full sensor down to 3K from using the full 6K sensor.MAVO LF

The MAVO LF has a dual native iso, 800 on the lower end, and 5120 on the higher end. When you take into account the full frame sensor, the MAVO LF is a fantastic performer in low light.MAVO LF

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Kinefinity In Depth

This video was filmed using:
Main Camera - Canon C300 MKII 
Lens - Sigma 18-35 f1.8
Audio Sennheiser AVX-ME2 Set

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