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Our New Favorite Lightweight Video Tripods | iFootage Gazelle Range

Fastbowl TC 7

Uprise TC 6

Now, tripods aren't a topic that likely to get you to jump up in excitement, but the likelihood is, you're still using them for a good chunk of your work. When you're travelling, or when you're trying to keep the weight down as low as possible, you don't want to sacrifice the stability of your tripod. The Gazelle range from iFootage has become our favourite lightweight video tripods on the market, we even used them for our NAB coverage this year and they worked flawlessly.iFootage Gazelle

There are two styles of tripods in the Gazelle range, the Fastbowl, and the Uprise. All of the tripods in the range are available in both Aluminum and Carbon Fibre, have solo legs with easy to use locks and adjustable leg angles, retractable spikes, a head that you can level and are lightweight and sturdy.iFootage Gazelle

The Fastbowl has one of the best solutions to removing a tripod head we've seen to date. Now, I know removing your tripod head isn't something that you do regularly, but when you need to, you've got a good amount of twisting to do before the head comes loose, which is a little annoying. The Fastbowl only takes a couple of twists and the press of a button and it slides off almost instantly. It really is super quick to remove the head if you're switching to a jib or just packing down your tripod to go into a bag.Fastbowl

The Uprise comes in two different sizes, the TA/TC 5, which is the 150cm version, and the TA/ TC 6, which is the 165cm version. The key difference here from the Fastbowl is that it has a centre collum, which isn't for everybody, but if you're using a lightweight camera and need to adjust the height of your tripod, a centre collum is super useful. There is a hook at the bottom of the collum to use a bag as a counterweight, and the whole centre collum is both detachable and reversible, so if you want to get a shot low down to the ground, the collum won't get in the way.iFootage Gazelle

Fastbowl TA 7

Fastbowl TC 7

Uprise TA 5

Uprise TC 5

Uprise TA 6

Uprise TC 6

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This video was filmed using:

Main Camera - Canon C300 MKII 
B-Roll Camera - Canon C200
Lens - Sigma 18-35 f1.8
Audio Sennheiser AVX-ME2 Set

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