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OConnor Ultimate 1040 | Overview

At IBC this year, OConnor unveiled their 1040 tripod head, the successor to the 1030D and it's everything you would expect from a high-end tripod head from OConnor. Interestingly, thanks to being part of the Vitec Group, OConnor has paired the 1040 with the Flowtech 100 tripod legs, which are the 100mm version of the popular Flowtech 75.OConnor 1040

The 1040 can take any camera from 0 to 20kg and still has the step-less tilt and drag system that the 1030D did, which is great for getting the right amount of drag for your shot. The counterbalance is also step-less, meaning that you can dial the exact amount of counterbalance for any rig perfectly, which makes operating the head a pleasure. Now of course to complement this counterbalance you can slide the top plate forwards and backwards to help get the rig balanced.OConnor 1040

Overall, the tripod performs as you would expect, flawlessly. Now, this isn't going to be you everyday tripod, and we can see this really appealing to high-end wildlife and sports shooters. Where you're likely going to have a large, heavy lens, but where the convenience of the Flowtech legs will really pay off.OConnor 1040

OConnor 1040 With Flowtech 100

OConnor 1040

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