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Perfectly Mount Your Backlight | E-Image EI-B83

We've been using the E-Image EI-B83 boom arm for our videos for a few months now, and it's become one of the most essential pieces of our lighting kit. The B83 is essentially a lightweight version of the arm you would get with a C-Stand and is a fantastic addition to a portable lighting kit.

But why would you need a boom arm like this? Why won't an ordinary light stand do? Well, the most common use for an arm like this is to position your backlight, directly behind your subject. Sure you can use a regular light stand, but to position you're backlight directly behind your subject, the stand will likely be in shot. So that leaves you with either not having a backlight (which in some situations isn't ideal), or having the backlight to the side, just out of frame, which works in some situations, but will not fully backlight your subject and will cast light on only one side.

So to get your backlight directly behind your subject booming it overhead with an arm is the best solution. C-Stands are of course the most solid solution, however, they are large and heavy, so for a portable lighting kit, they don't quite tick all the boxes. So the B83 is a good option for a lightweight version of the arm that would typically be used with a C-Stand. Sure there are drawbacks, such as it cannot take as much weight as a C-Stand arm, having a payload capacity of 1.72KG, so throwing heavier lights on the end of this isn't an option. But for small, lightweight lights (which are the perfect types of lights to use as backlights) it's perfect. The SWIT Fl-C60D is a good option for a lightweight, hard, bi-colour backlight.EI-B83

We don't only use the B83 for backlights however, we regularly use it to position a flexible LED panel just out of frame above products when filming B-Roll. A flexible LED is a great choice for use with this arm as you're able to get a large, but lightweight source wherever you want, with little effort. We regularly use the SWIT S-2630, or the S-2610 which are good options.EI-B83

The B83 is actually extendable, which isn't something you'll usually see with a C-Stand arm, and makes it much easier to get you're light into position exactly where you want it. The arm can be attached to a regular light stand, as long as it's the right thickness, 24mm to be exact. The LS-300T is one of the light stands which we recommend to use with the B83, and is one of the regular, solid but affordable light stands which we sell. EI-B83

E-Image EI-B83


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