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Pocket RGB Light | Aputure MC

The MC has been teased by Aputure since NAB 2019, but now its finally out there, and we've got our hands on one. The MC is the first RGB light Aputure has released, now they have teased larger RGB lights as early as IBC 2018, but those lights haven't yet been released. So the MC is the first RGB light that Aputure are offering, and right off of the bat, it's fantastic.

Aputure MC

If you're familiar with Aputure's smaller light fixtures, the MC will be instantly familiar, as there is a lot of resemblance to the M9 and MX, but with one big difference, RGB control. Physically, the MC is still quite small, with an LCD screen on the top, a wheel on the side for controlling the light, and a USB C port underneath the on/ off button. What's really nice to see here, other than the use of USB-C, is the addition of PD fast charging, which is a first on one of Aputure's lights. The lights can also be wirelessly charged, which alone might seem like a bit of a gimmick when you can just use the fast charging. But where the wireless charging really comes into play, is with the 4 and 12 head kits that are available. These kits come with a wireless charging case, to both store, and charge all of the lights simultaneously. Meaning that in the case of the 12 head kit, you don't have to faff around with 12 different USB-C cables, plugging them into each light. Instead, there's just one cable for the case, and all of your light are charging, which is so convenient and it eliminates the worry that you might have forgotten to plug that one light in overnight.Aputure MC

The kits are where we're quite excited about the MC, as they do seem like a light that will work best when used together, they're great for hiding away in shot, or sticking to something just out of frame with the built-in magnets. You could add these across a wall to create splashes of colour, make that colour change throughout a shot, or place multiple around a large area and use the built-in effects.Aputure MC

Now, one of the best things about this light, has to be the Sidus Link App, which we first talked about in our 300D MKII Review. This app, allows you to control up to 100 different lights all from you're phone or tablet. The app is available both on iOS or Android and is a much better way of controlling the light than the controls on the light itself. You can change any setting extremely quickly with a few taps, including colour temperature, brightness, effects, hue and saturation. But by far one of the best features of the app to use with an RGB light, is the colour picker. This uses the camera in your smartphone to replicate any real-world colour with a quick tap. This is extremely useful for replicating existing lights on location for example, brand colours, or any colour you see and like the look of, its super easy to use and just fantastic.Aputure MC

Aputure MC

Aputure MC 4 Head Kit

Aputure MC 12 Head Kit

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