Power your BMPCC 4K or mirrorless camera | Core PB-EDGE

Powering solutions aren't the most exciting topic out there, however, sometimes you'll want something more than what the standard battery that your camera offer, especially if your camera hasn't got the best battery life, or you require extra long run times.Powerbase Edge

The Powerbase Edge is a good, and simple option for powering small, mirrorless cameras, which is where this battery is primarily designed for. The battery itself is a 49wh V-mount battery with two D-tap ports (one of which is Core's Smart Tap port) and two USB ports. Much like you would expect from a V-mount battery. Unlike other V-lock batteries, there is a 1/4 20" screw thread on the top for mounting your camera. This thread is mounted on a quick-release V wedge which allows you to swap the battery out if you have multiple of them. Underneath, inside the ordinary V mount, there is a female 1/4 20" which allows you to attach a tripod plate.Powerbase Edge

There is a dedicated 8.4V output on the side of the battery for powering small mirrorless cameras, such as the EOS R, GH5, BMPCC 4K etc. This 8.4v output is used with a dummy battery to power the camera, which can be bought separately, or in bundles with the battery. Now, these cables are quite short and are only really designed to be used with the camera mounted on top of the battery, so if you want to do rig out your camera slightly differently, say with the battery at the back as a counterweight, you'll need to source a longer, third party cable to do so.Powerbase Edge

The battery also features an LCD display which tells you the charge percentage, as well as an estimation of the run time when there is nothing drawing power, in addition to an estimation of run time when there is being power drawn from the battery, which is a great touch.

Powerbase Edge

CoreSWX PowerBase-Edge

Core SWX PowerBase-Edge BMPCC 4K Bundle


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