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The RED Komodo hasn't been officially announced yet. Stay tuned for possible updates on this page.


Please note that this video contains no official information from RED. All information in this video has been collected from & Instagram from RED employees.


So, the Komodo has been teased by RED's CEO Jarrard Land on both and Instagram since before IBC last year. But over the last few months it has been looking more and more like a finished camera which hopefully isn't far away. We even now have the final mechanical drawings so that third party manufacturers can get to work on accessories. The more we hear, the more exciting the Komodo seems, so lets go over what we know.

RED Komodo Diagram


We know it's not a replacement for RED's current DSMC2 camera lineup and is seen as a B-cam/ auxiliary camera to DSMC2, but its shaping up to a very exciting entry-level camera for the RED ecosystem.


So what do we know so far?


Don Burgess RED KomodoSuper 35mm 6K sensor

We still don't know exact dimensions and resolutions, but RED have hinted that the Komodo's 6K sensor will be capable of a dynamic range that is less, but gets close to, their Helium sensor. Which DXOMark rate at 15 stops of dynamic range. So hopefully this means the Komodo's dynamic range will be around 14 stops.

It's small

From the mechanical drawings, we know the camera body itself is essentially a 10cm cube. This is essentially 2/3rds of the physical size of their DSMC2 brain's, plus you don't need to attach a module which often makes DSMC2 larger than just the dimensions of the brain itself. So Komodo will feel significantly smaller than the DSMC2 cameras, and they aren't exactly large cameras in the cinema world.

Global shutter mode

Jarrad has spent a lot of time on REDuser focusing on the global shutter mode, and rightly so, as this could be a huge step forward for the camera market. RED claims the Komodo can switch between Global Shutter and Rolling Shutter modes. In addition to this, they later updated us to say they have minimised any dynamic range differences between the two modes, which is very impressive. Because of this they are potentially making the Komodo a Global Shutter only camera, which will be fantastic for handheld work and action filming. It will be very interesting to see what the final sensor technology looks like once the camera is released.


All of this is subject to change however, as nothing official has been announced from RED yet, but as soon as we have official information, and a chance to take a look at the camera ourselves, we'll of course have content with all the relevant information.

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