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So I think it's safe to say that the Rode Wireless GO has been a bit of a hit when it comes to entry-level audio gear. It's easy to see why, it offers a simple, lightweight audio solution at a competitive price. For sure there are some drawbacks, such as the lack of a locking 3.5mm input and less reliable transmission, but at the price point, it's really hard to complain.

Rode Wireless GO

Rode Wireless GO

The Wireless GO is tiny, with both the TX and RX weighing around 31 grams and able to fit into the palm of your hand, it's definitely compact. Both units have a dual purpose clip, one for clipping on to clothing in the case of the transmitter, and two for attaching to the cold shoe mount on your camera on the receiver. Rode Wireless GO

The transmitter has a built-in omnidirectional microphone, so you can clip the unit directly to your subject and start recording audio. There is also a 3.5mm mic input also, which allows you to connect a lav microphone or even a shotgun mic if you would like. This input isn't locking, as I stated at the beginning of this article, which when being used with a lav mic can be a major issue. If left inside of your talents pocket it could be easy for the microphone to be pulled out during or in between a take, which can be disastrous. The input does have a good amount of friction so you do have to apply some force to disconnect the mic, but it's still very possible to disconnect during a take. The built-in microphone isn't the best quality mic out there, and the transmitter can be a little on the bulky side compared to a normal lav mic, but these aren't huge issues, and if they are, then it may be worth stepping up to a more professional solution. Rode Wireless GO

The Receiver has a small LCD screen which displays battery life for both units, connection strength, audio levels, and your level of gain applied. So yes, you can control the level of gain via the dB button on the unit, which has three settings, similar to what you would expect from Rode's other microphones, such as the Rodemic Pro.Rode Wireless GO

Everything you need to get up and running is included in the box, including a small carry case for all the extras, which include, two USB-C cables, two clip-on windjammers for the TX and a 3.5-3.5mm cable for connecting the RX to your camera.

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