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Sony A1 | The New Flagship Hybrid Camera

Sony A1

So right off of the bat, I've got to say that the Sony A1 might just be the best truly hybrid stills and video camera on the market currently. From the outside, not much looks like its changed, it has the same form factor and ergonomics as the A7s III and A7R MKIV, the only real change physically is the inclusion of the tilt LCD screen, as opposed to a fully articulating one.

All the real groundbreaking changes of course happen under the hood. The A1 boasts an impressive 50 megapixel, full-frame sensor and can record 8K video for over an hour and ten minutes before running into any form of overheating issues. Not only does the A1 add 8K recording at either 200mbps or 400mbps in XAVC HS (Sony's h.265 version of XAVC) but the camera can also do all of the framerates that the A7s III can do in 4K, not to mention it includes Sonys new fantastic autofocus.  In the video above, we place the A1 next to the FX6 in some very quick ISO tests, and for a 50-megapixel sensor, the A1 performs great. The FX6 does perform better once you get to 12800 when the dual base kicks in, but we were really impressed on how under control the A1 keeps its noise.

If you shoot a split of stills and video, then the A1 is probably one of the best options out there currently if you're after just one body, the stills performance is stellar, as is the video, it's not the low light camera that the A7s III and FX6 are, but it comes close which, which in itself is very impressive.

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