Sony A7 III - With Daniel Peters

Recently we've had the chance to team up with Daniel Peters to test the Sony A7 III. Daniel is a UK based freelance Director/ Cinematographer and known for shooting with the GH5, particularly in anamorphic, which you may recognise him from his previous video on our channel for the GH5 6K Anamorphic upgrade. 

Check out the Sony A7 III here

Daniel Peters


The A7 III is a good all-round stills & video hybrid camera, with a full-frame 24.2-megapixel sensor. The camera records video in Sony's XAVC S at 4K up to 30p at 100mbps, and in 1080p the camera is capable of shooting up to 120fps. Now for some people, the lack of 4K 60p may put a downer on the camera, but this is absolutely made up for by the inclusion of in body image stabilisation (IBIS). The omission of IBIS on the GH5s definitely got a lot of people down about the camera, but perhaps the A7 III provides what the GH5s didn't for those who wanted both good low light performance and IBIS (which is fantastic if your an events or run and gun style shooter). If you check out Daniels footage then you will see that the image from this camera, is great, the colours & dynamic range are great from the camera.


Check out the A7 III here





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