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Sony's Smallest Cinema Camera | FX3 | First Look

Sony FX3

Sony have introduced yet another camera into their cinema line, the FX3. Now you may be looking at this camera and thinking it looks familiar, and you'd be right to think so. The FX3 does resemble an A7s III in form factor (when you remove the top handle) and in specs.

The best way to think of the FX3 is an alternative version of the A7s III in terms of form factor. Specs-wise, it's an A7s III, it has fantastic low light performance, 4K up to 120fps, great reliable autofocus, RAW over the HDMI to a Ninja V and a stabilised sensor. So the big differences between the FX3 and the A7s III are in its physical ergonomics. The FX3 loses the EVF of the A7s III and gains a top handle with two full-size XLR's will full audio controls. This top handle ergonomically is great, we do wish there were a few more mounting points and a hot shoe on the front near the XLR's, but it connects solidly to the camera with two 1/4 20" screw threads and feels really well balanced when holding.

There is now the inclusion of a fan to prevent any potential overheating, which we've never found to be a problem with the A7s III, although there have been some reports of the A7s III running into issues in hotter environments. This fan does make the FX3 slightly thicker than the A7s III, and it does feel a little more substantial in the hand, which is a subtle difference but one that I think some people may prefer over the stills body of the A7s III. The button layout has also changed slightly, with a larger record button on the top of the camera, a few assignable buttons cropping up, and a zoom rocker on the front of the handgrip. Tally lights have also been added, which can of course be turned off, along with a few extra screw mounts that will allow the camera to be mounted more securely into drones and cages.

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