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Sony FX6 | First Look

Sony FX6

So today Sony has finally announced the full spec of the FX6 and it sure does look impressive. We managed to get some brief hands-on time with the camera a few months back, we can't show any footage from the camera unfortunately, but can let you know what this exiting small cinema camera has to offer.

So the FX6 has the same 4K sensor that we've seen in the much anticipated A7s III, but also shares a similar body design to the Sony FS5 & FS5 MKII. We're very surprised to see many of the great framerate options on the A7s III make its way over to the FX6; so you can expect framerates of 120fps in 4K in either XAVC-L or XAVC-I. Since the FX6 shares the same sensor as the A7s III, you can expect the same great low light performance as the A7s III, but interestingly the FX6 has two sensitivities. Now Sony isn't calling this a dual base, or dual native ISO camera, which we find a bit strange, but those two sensitivities are 800 and 12800. You can manually set each sensitivity, or leave it to automatically swap over, which will happen at around ISO 10000. Unlike the A7s III the FX6 gives you the option to turn off the cameras internal noise reduction, which will mean that you'll be able to clean up any noise much better in post.

In terms of codecs, as I mentioned above, you get XAVC-L and XAVC-I, just like you get on the FX9. Surprisingly, you can get a 16bit RAW signal out of the SDI port on the camera body which can be recorded via an external recorder like the Atomos Shogun 7. Unlike the FX9 there is no XDCA back required here which is great to see. All of the internal codecs can be recorded to either SD cards or CF Express Type A cards. The slots on the camera are similar to what we saw on the A7s III, two slots that can take either media type.

Physically, the body design is around the same size as the FS5 MKII, the EVF on the back is no more, which isn't a huge loss, as the EVF on the FS5 was never fantastic. The handgrip is very similar to the FS5's, it still quickly rotates, making it a great camera to use handheld, the only real difference is the different connector. The top handle has seen some improvements, it attaches via two thumbscrews and features a new assignable control dial, assignable buttons and a new joystick, so controlling the camera from this top handle is still very convenient. We of course also see the return of Sony's variable ND system which is just fantastic. The Screen is the same screen as the FX9, but attaches the same way the FS5's screen does, meaning you can place it anywhere on the top of the camera, even without the top handle. The screen only comes with the sun hood and not the full loupe, but the same loupe can be used.

Sony FX6

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