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Sony FX9 | First Look

Sony has just released the new FX9 which will sit above the FS7 in their lineup. The big headline feature here is its 6K full-frame sensor which Sony claims has a dynamic range of 15 stops. Recording wide, you can't record the 6K image as the camera downsamples the 6K to a 4K image in-camera, at launch you'll be able to record up to UHD at up 30p using the full sensor. In a future firmware update, you will be able to record at up to DCI 4K at 60p but for now at launch, if you wish to get UHD 60p, you're able to by using a super 35mm crop of the sensor.Sony FX9

Physically there are a lot of similarities to the FS7, it shares the same shoulder-mounted design and form factor, has a very similar top handle, LCD & Loupe as well as handgrip, however, all of these have seen small improvements. The handgrip has a new connector, for example, to allow for a greater data passthrough. The LCD is now a 720p display, and the included Loupe has a new design to detach it much more easily. The FX9 does share the XQD media slots that the FS7 has, so if you're an FS7 owner, looking to upgrade, there's no need to buy new media.Sony FX9

There, of course, is Sony's variable ND system included on the FX9, which has been redesigned to cover the larger full-frame sensor. Timecode and Genlock sync have now been added to the camera body itself, rather than being included on the XDCA back.Sony FX9

Another massive feature of the FX9 is the inclusion of Sony's hybrid autofocus. Now Sony has had good autofocus on their mirrorless lineup for a while now, and Canon has had great autofocus on their cinema cameras for years. But it's fantastic to see Sony including professional-grade autofocus on their larger video cameras. Face detection is an option with this autofocus and from the time we've spent with the camera, the autofocus really does seem to stand up and be usable.Sony FX9

A dual native iso has also been added to the new FX9 of 800 and 4000, which is a fantastic addition. Dual native ISO's have been making their way into more and more cameras recently, and it really is a fantastic inclusion to the FX9. Sony FX9

The XDCA back for the FS7 has been redesigned for the FX9, giving you Vlock support, and has a slot in ports on top for audio units. The back is also the way of getting RAW out of the camera which will give you 16bit RAW output.

Sony FX9

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