Sony Venice 2 - Up to speed

CineAlta evolved

The Venice 2 builds on everything that made the original Venice so popular with cinematographers, with the same design in a new smaller chassis witha whole host of extra functionality. This will be the start of a new era for CineAlta and is likely to further build on the Venice's strong reputation amongst Cinematographers.

X-OCN & Prores 4444 built in

With the original Venice, you needed the optional R7 recorder in order to capture in X-OCN, Sony's excellent 16-bit compressed raw format. With the Venice 2, this functionality is built in natively. You can also record in 4K Prores 4444 or Prores 422 HQ if prefered. This simplifies the workflow significantly, resulting in a more compact body design, better suited for gimbals, steadicams and drones.

Choose between 8.6K or 6K sensor options

The Venice 2 can be purchased with either the 6K sensor block from the original Venice, or the stunning new 8.6K sensor. With 16 stops of latitude, and a dual native ISO of 800 and 3200, the new 8.6K imager results in extremely high quality imagery. With an improvement in almost every area over the original while also significantly improving the resolution for detailed, yet natural pictures.


Improved low light performance

The new 8.6k sensor features a higher dual base ISO, for stunning images with a wide dynamic range at both 800 and 3200 ISO. This means that even though Sony have increased the sensor resolution significantly, Venice is more capable in low light situations than ever before. At both 800 and 3200 ISO, the 8.6K sensor gives cinematographers 10 stops of latitude below middle gray, and 6 stops above for a total of 16 stops of dynamic range. This is an extra stop in the shadows compared to the 6K sensor which has 9 stops under middle gray.


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