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SWIT FLOW Wireless | Overview

FLOW 500

FLOW 2000

Wireless video is becoming increasingly more affordable. We're beginning to see more and more wireless systems being released, now not all of them are the best in terms of performance. But one system that we think has really hit the sweet spot between a low cost, features, performance and reliability, is the SWIT FLOW system.

Flow 500 & Flow 2000

So, there are currently two versions of the FLOW, the FLOW 500, which has a range of 500ft/150m (line of sight) and the FLOW 2000, which has a range of 2000ft/600m (Line of sight).

Now, what's great about the FLOW is that both the 500 and the 2000 share the same features (other than the range of course), so if you don't need the range of the 2000, you're not going to miss out by going with the FLOW 500, which is great. You get two SDI ports and an HDMI port on each unit. So that's an SDI & HDMI in on the TX, along with an SDI loop-through, for going through to another on-camera monitor for example. And on the RX, that's two SDI outputs along with an HDMI out. Not only do you get both HDMI and SDI on each unit, but you can cross convert between them, which is a welcome addition.

5Ghz & DFS Scanning

The FLOW operates within the 5Ghz spectrum, meaning its much less susceptible to interference, especially when compared to some cheaper alternatives, with operate on 2.4Ghz wifi. The FLOW will also automatically jump between channels to ensure you're getting the best possible signal. If you're running multiple FLOW's at the same time, you can manually choose the channel which the unit is operating on. Both the FLOW 500 and 2000 are DFS compliant, which means it meets Ofcom regulations for devices operating within the 5Ghz spectrum.

Solidly Built

The build quality on the FLOW is very solid, especially considering the price. Each unit comes in its own hard case, with everything you need to get started. The units themselves are compact, lightweight, but feel sturdy, which is everything you can ask for on a system like this.

When it comes to powering the FLOW, you have two options. You can use the built-in NP-F plate on the pack, or power it through the locking DC in port on the side, though the mains adapter included, or the included d-tap cable.

Out of the box the FLOW comes paired, and pairs quickly and easily. If the units do become unpaired, you can easily pair them using the joystick on the front of the unit. On some other products, to pair two units you have to push an extremely small button that can only really be reached with a pin or a paper clip, which can be very frustrating.


A very welcome feature, again considering the price of the FLOW, is multicasting. You can sent a video signal from one TX to up to four receivers, super useful for an AC pulling focus, a director or client monitor. You're not limited to one type of FLOW either, you can combine FLOW 500's with FLOW 2000's if you like (or any future systems SWIT release in the future.

FLOW 500 Twin RX Set


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