Teradek's New Products - NAB 2018

Teradek were showing off tonnes of new products at NAB this year, from the new entries in their Bolt lineup, to some fantastic wireless solutions.

VidiU Go

The VidiU Go is the next product in Teredek's VidiU lineup, following on from the VidiU and VidiU Pro. The VidiU is essentially a link between your camera to social media for live streaming purposes, allowing for high-quality live streams to social media.Teradek

RayDome & Link ProTeradekTeradek



Bolt 10K

This is a very interesting video transmission solution, Teradek claims it allows for 3.7Km transmission distance with 0 latency. Now you will need line of sight and the Bolt 3000 Transmitter to get the most out of the Bolt 10K. Now in case you were wondering, the 10K stands for 10,000 feet, and you get about a 60-degree angle at the maximum distance in which the 10K can receive signal.TeradekTeradek


Bolt LT

Now some of you may be familiar with Teradek's bolt series of receiver/ transmitters. The Bolt LT is the latest edition in that series, which is splitting into two different lines the Bolt XT, and the Bolt LT - a more affordable but still reliable solution. The new LT will have a smaller form factor, one SDI in and two SDI ports out for when mounting many accessories onto a camera. Now some of the omissions of the LT are spectrum analysis, which allows the XT to look at the entire 5Ghz spectrum to find frequencies which aren't being used. You're also not able to add LUT's, but what you do get is an affordable and reliable wireless video solution.TeradekTeradek








This video was filmed using:

Main Camera - Panasonic GH5s
Lens - Sigma 18-35mm f1.8
Adapter - Metabones EF to MFT Speedbooster 0.71x
Audio - Sennheiser AVX-835 Set
Monitor - SmallHD 502

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