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Welcome to the first of a short series of videos going over various features of the new Blackmagic Pocket 6K Pro.  A few weeks ago we reached out to our customers on YouTube, asking what you would all like to know about the Pocket 6K Pro. Now we had lots of questions from you all, so thank you to everyone who has gotten involved.

Improved Battery Life

So first up in the video above we're taking a closer look at the battery life of the Pocket 6K Pro. Overall the battery situation on the Pocket 6K Pro has improved all round. Gone are the Canon LP-E6 batteries (which never worked great on the older Pockets as they are power-hungry cameras), and in are the Sony NP-F570 style batteries, which are a little larger and do last for around an hour or so. In the video above we run several battery tests comparing the original Pocket 6K to the new Pocket 6K Pro and there is a clear improvement which is nice to see. Interestingly, if you use Canon's new LP-E6NH batteries which come with the new R5 & R6 cameras, you will see improved battery life on the original Pocket 6K.

The New, Improved Battery Grip

Blackmagic has also introduced a new battery grip with the 6K Pro which yet again improves the battery solution. It does make the camera quite large; the camera will be larger than the Canon C70 when the battery grip is attached. This new grip communicates through pins in the bottom of the camera, meaning that you can leave the battery in the camera and use it alongside the two extra NP-F570 batteries that the grip adds. So in total, you'll be looking at up to 3 hours of battery life with the battery grip in use, which is not bad at all! You can even hot-swap the batteries in the grip, thanks to the battery in the camera remaining in place, which is a very nice touch. Hot-swapping the batteries doesn't stop the recording either so if you need to swap batteries in the middle of a shot, it is possible, just bear in mind that you may introduce some wobble into the shot when removing the battery tray.

Pocket 6K Pro

Pocket 6K Pro Battery Grip

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