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Testing the Pocket 6K Pro - Lenses, Autofocus & ND Filters

Welcome back to our short mini-series, answering your questions on the new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro. If you missed part one, where we go over the battery life and new battery grip, you can find that here.

Pocket 6K Pro

Internal ND Filters

The Pocket 6K Pro is the first camera that Blackmagic have introduced that features motorised internal ND filters. In the video above, we test how the IRND filters perform at cutting out infrared pollution when shooting outside in direct sunlight. Now you can see the results for yourself above, but you will see a magenta colour cast as you add stops of ND filters, which is something that you'll have to keep in mind when shooting with this camera.


Now we were quite surprised about the number of questions we got about AF on the Pocket 6K Pro. Before you get your hopes up though, unfortunately there is no improvement here over the original Pocket 6K. The camera does have AF, but it's not continuous like we see on Canon and Sony cameras. It's a one-shot AF system that works off of contrast-based AF, it works for just quickly getting your shot in focus whilst setting the shot up, but isn't something that you can use to smoothly track a subject in shot. This AF can be controlled when using an ATEM mini to adjust focus from a computer, which is very useful for multicam situations for setting your camera up, but that's as far as the AF on this camera goes unfortunately.


Pocket 6K Pro

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