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Welcome back to part three of our mini-series on the Pocket 6K pro. If you missed part two, you can find it here. 

Pocket 6K Pro

Brand New EVF

One of the main new additions to the Pocket 6K Pro, is the new optional EVF that slots onto the back of the camera. If you're familiar with EVF's from Canons range of cameras, this one will look very familiar. It tilts a good amount upward, allowing for good usability when shooting with the camera handheld. The image inside the EVF is good, it's not the largest pannel out there, but it does the job well and is great for monitoring your image outside in bright sunlight.

New 1500Nit Monitor

Blackmagic have upgraded the screen on the 6K Pro to a lovely 1500nit, tiltable LCD screen. Image wise this screen looks just as good as the Pocket 4K & 6K, but is much brighter and easier to see in bright, outdoor conditions as a result. The monitor is no longer fixed to the back of the camera, which is great. It now tilts both up and down which is nice, meaning that you can of course see your image in more situations, but also you'll have access to the menus as well, even when you put the camera in a rig with a large Vlock battery at the rear. Now, you may have seen online that people have been having issues with a blue tint, or a blue screen. This is a known issue by Blackmagic who are working on a fix, that we should hopefully see soon. Now, this issue does not affect every Pocket 6K Pro and does not affect the image at all if you have a camera with the issue. It only affects the rear LCD screen, the HDMI output and the EVF work as intended, if you do have a camera with this issue, the rear LCD will look like the white balance is off by a good 2000K.

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