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A Tiny V-Lock Battery | SWIT PB-M98S


Limited Edition Clear PB-M98S


V-Lock batteries are a staple for powering various types of equipment that require good amounts of power, from lights to monitors to cameras. The big issue with V-Lock batteries is that they can be big and quite heavy, depending on what capacity battery you get. But here with the PB-M98S SWIT have given us everything we'd expect from a standard size V-Lock battery but in a much smaller form factor.Mini V-Lock SWIT

The battery has a charge indicator on the side, a USB port and a D-Tap port. It has an 8 amp power draw and has a 98Wh capacity so it is flight safe. The battery is just 10cm tall, 7.5cm wide, 5cm thick and weighs just 920g, so no matter if you're trying to keep the weight of your camera down, or are looking for a less bulky solution this is something worth considering.Mini V-Lock SWIT

The big issue with smaller batteries like this is that because they still have a decent capacity, the internal components have less space to live, and SWIT has done a fantastic job at designing this battery so there is no crossing of wiring which could lead to a failure of the battery if these wires cross, which some competing batteries don't have as clean of an internal design as SWIT PB-M98S. To show off the internal design of the battery SWIT has made a limited edition, clear battery, which lets you appreciate how clean the internal design of the battery is.Mini V-Lock SWIT

SWIT, of course, make some other great V-Lock options in their PB lineup, such as the PB-S98S, which of course has the same capacity as the M98S, but gains an extra D-Tap port and a smart indicator which tells you how much run time you have left on the battery. There is also the larger capacity PB-S220S if you require a battery which will last for longer.Mini V-Lock SWIT


Limited Edition Clear PB-M98S



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