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Lupo Kickass Panel

We've looked at a lot of Lupos lights here before, and they're great. Their Smartpanel is one of our go-to lights that we use on just about every single video as a backlight. The Kickass Panel is essentially a slightly bigger RGB version of the Smartpanel, and we think its a great option as a versatile small RGB light.

RGB in High Key Scenes

Now the issue with most small RGB lights is that they're not actually that bright, which is to be expected. You can of course use them to flood a wall or area with coloured light if you have complete control over your shooting space, and can eliminate any spill to avoid the lights being diluted and losing their colour. But you're not always going to be in that situation, which is where we think the Kickass Panel really shines. So let's take the Aputure MC as an example. It's possibly one of the most popular small RGB lights around, but in RGB mode it only musters 50 lux at 1m, which just won't cut it in some higher key scenes where you've got light spilling everywhere. The Kickass Panel however, measures in at around 660 lux at 1m, which is a much more usable brightness in higher key scenes. Now by no stretch of the imagination are you going to flood an entire wall with this, but you'll be able to add a splash of colour, that doesn't get washed away by all your other lights.

In the video above we show an example of how we use RGB lights in our videos. We use the Lupo Action Panel to add a splash of colour to the wall of our live streaming set here in the showroom, which is bright enough to push through all the spill, and add colour that's still vibrant and not washed out. Swapping out the Aputure MC just does not work, as it's very easily overpowered by the other lights. But the Kickass Panel, does punch through quite well. It's not as bright as the Action Panel, sure. But with some smart positioning, we could replace the Action Panel with the Kickass Panel and still achieve the same result.

Physically, the Kickass Panel is a little larger than most other small lights, it certainly won't fit into your pocket, but it's still small and portable. It takes NPF batteries for power, along with a pole connector for mains power, along with a USB-C port which can also be used to power the light. There are three dials on the back for control, and three buttons for navigating the menus. There's a simple, no thrills LCD screen on the back also, three 1/4 20" mounting points and the light is built solidly all around.

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