The Worlds Brightest 1x1 Light? | Gemini 1x1 Hard

Gemini 1x1 Hard

Litepanels have released the latest addition into the Gemini family, with the 1x1 Hard. The 1x1 Hard shares an identical form factor to its predecessor, the 1x1 Soft, and at first glance you'd be hard-pressed to tell them apart. Since it shares the same physical controls as the 1x1 Soft, including the row of preset buttons which is a fantastic way to quickly control the light.

Fantastic Colour Accuracy

As you would expect from a Litepanels light, the colour accuracy is fantastic, plus just like the rest of the Gemini Range, it's fully RGB capable, allowing you to create just about any colour you can think of.

RGB Without Compromise

The 1x1 Hard, is a different beast compared to the rest of the Gemini range, purely because its output is far superior to its predecessors. With no diffusion panel attached, the Gemini 1x1 hard outputs over 31,000 lux at 1m at 5600K. Which for a 1x1 RGB panel, is unheard of. To put that into perspective, the original 1x1 Soft measures 5,000 lux at 1m, and the Astra 6X, Litepanels bright 1x1 panel measures 13,000 lux.

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