Kramer VM-10XL Amplifier


Kramer VM-10XL Amplifier

Kramer VM-10XL Amplifier


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The Kramer VM-10xl is a state-of-the-art, broadcast quality video audio distribution amplifier. It has looping video and audio stereo inputs, splitting each to 10 outputs. The user may choose unbalanced stereo or balanced mono via a front panel switch. The output audio and video levels, as well as video cable equalization (EQ.) may be adjusted via trimmers accessible from the front panel. The video outputs are divided into groups of 5 outputs, where each group may be individually trimmed for level and cable EQ., thereby achieving different compensations for different cable lengths.

Product Specification

INPUTS: 1 composite video, 1 looping, 1Vpp/75? with termination switch on BNC connectors. 2 audio, stereo or balanced mono, 2 looping, on RCA connectors.
OUTPUTS: 10 composite video, 1Vpp/75? on BNC connectors.10 audio, stereo or balanced mono, on RCA connectors.
MAX. OUTPUT LEVEL: Video: 1.6Vpp; Audio: 26.5Vpp.
BANDWIDTH (-3dB): Video: 360 MHz, Audio: 100 kHz.
DIFF. GAIN: 0.07%.
DIFF. PHASE: 0.05 Deg.
K-FACTOR: 0.05%.
S/N RATIO: Video: 77dB, Audio: 87dB.
CONTROLS: Front panel accessible trimmers for video level (- 1.2dB to + 6dB) and EQ. (0dB to + 8.1dB), audio left and right control trimmers (0dB to + 6dB), balanced/stereo selector switch and audio controls enable switch.
COUPLING: Video: DC/AC; Audio: AC.
AUDIO THD + NOISE: 0.023%.
AUDIO 2nd HARMONIC: 0.001%.
POWER SOURCE: 230 VAC 50 / 60Hz (115V U.S.A.), 4.7VA.
DIMENSIONS: 19 inch (W), 7 inch (D), 1U (H).
WEIGHT: 2.1kg (4.7 lbs.) approx.

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