Kramer VS-41AV Switcher

Mechanical - 4x1 Video Audio Switcher

Kramer VS-41AV Switcher

Kramer VS-41AV Switcher

Mechanical - 4x1 Video Audio Switcher


Cat no: 7928

  • High Bandwidth - 520MHz (- 3dB)
  • Mechanical (Passive) Switching - No power required
  • Desktop Size - Compact size
  • Composite video

Usually delivered in 1-2 days

£108.00 (ex vat) £129.60 (incl vat)

The Kramer VS-41AV is a high quality mechanical 4x1 switcher for composite video and audio stereo signals. It is designed for applications requiring an unpowered desktop unit for routing video and audio stereo signals. Audio is always switched together with the corresponding video signal, and unselected video inputs terminate into a 75? resistor. High quality switching components provide excellent isolation between inputs.

Product Specification

INPUTS: 4 video, 1Vpp/75? on BNC connectors.
4 audio stereo, + up to 36 Vpp, on RCA connectors.
OUTPUTS: 1 video, 1Vpp/75? on a BNC connector.
1 audio stereo, + 4dBm typical, on RCA connectors.
SWITCHING SYSTEM: Mechanical, “Break - before - make”, audio - follow - video mode.
BANDWIDTH (-3dB): 520MHz (video), 100 kHz (audio).
CROSSPOINTS: 4 for video, 4x2 for audio, 1 set active at any given time.
SIGNAL LEVELS: Up to 3Vpp video, + 30dBm audio.
DIMENSIONS (W,D,H): 18.8cm x 10.2cm x 4.4cm, (7.4” x 4” x 1.7”).
WEIGHT: 0.65kg.(1.44lbs.) approx.
OPTIONS: 19” Rack adapter RK- 81

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