Varizoom VZ-CROSSFIRE-FPK Multimode Stabilizer & Tripod System

for Handheld HD & DSLR Cameras

Varizoom VZ-CROSSFIRE-FPK Multimode Stabilizer & Tripod System

Varizoom VZ-CROSSFIRE-FPK Multimode Stabilizer & Tripod System

for Handheld HD & DSLR Cameras

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  • Tripod heights from 20" to 69"
  • NEW Precision Vertical Balance System
  • NEW Precision X-Y Horizontal Balance System
  • Includes Padded Carrying Case
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VariZoom VZ-CROSSFIRE-FPK Multimode Stabilizer & Tripod System

Introducing the new CrossFire FP multimode Stabilizer and Tripod System. With up to 6 different shooting modes available, no other product on the market offers as many options as the CrossFire FPK. The CrossFire FPK is the most versatile shooting tool for DSLRs and HD Video.

The FlowPod and Handheld HD Cameras - The FlowPod is perfectly suited for compact, handheld HD cameras like the Sony EX-1, Sony NX5U, Canon XF300, Panasonic HPX-250, Panasonic AC160, or any other HD video camera up to 9 lbs. It will allow you to get continuous on-the-go stabilized footage with the unique ability to stop and operate in monopod mode for stationary shots, as well as the added bonus of low angle shots (with optional low-mode kit).

The CrossFire FP and DSLRs - The CrossFire FP works brilliantly with DSLR cameras like the Canon 5D Mark II (pictured at left), as well as the popular 7D, 1D Mark IV, and Rebel T2i. The CrossFire FP handles several of your shooting needs with one tool - tall tripod, stabilizer, low-angle stabilizer, low-angle fixed mount, and it's even upgradable to a fully-supported arm/vest stabilizer system. For the still photography enthusiast, we even offer an optional 3-axis photo ball-head accessory to turn the tripod section into a professional photo tripod when it isn't being used for video.

Unrivaled Multi-Function Capability - The VariZoom CrossFire FP offers a significant advantage over all other handheld stabilizers with its tripod mode. Capable of heights up to 69" and as low as 20", the tripod mode allows you to keep shooting without having to switch between stabilizer and tripod. The ultra-light tripod legs are sturdy and compact with a built-in leveling bubble. Additionally, the tripod can be separated from the stabilizer section, allowing you to use the stabilizer in Lite Mode and use the tripod as a separate docking stand.

Upgrades and Options-
Arm/Vest Upgrades - Only the VariZoom CrossFire FP has the flexibility to operate in so many modes and offer multiple, affordable upgrade paths and options. One of our most popular upgrades is the DV Sportster Arm/Vest Stabilizer System for turning a handheld unit into a fully-supported dynamic system. For heavier cameras or more demanding applications, we also offer the professional Navigator system (which can also be upgraded from there).

Low-Flow and Fixed Low Modes - Only the FlowPod and CrossFire FP allow Low-Flow shots from a handheld stabilizer, and with our patented system, the camera operator is able to adjust the camera to any desired height off the ground or can even adjust to levels below the operator's feet. The advantage of the CrossFire FP over the FlowPod, however, is that the tripod is removed and doubles as a docking/balancing stand in Low Mode, allowing you to dock the unit during setup and also operate the system as a fixed low-angle, pan-capable mount only inches from the ground.

A superbly versatile tool for HD Video, the CrossFire FP can be used as a fluid handheld stabilizer, rock-solid tripod, gliding low-mode tool, fixed low-angle mount, or full-stabilizer system. The CrossFire FP is the new generation of products we've been selling worldwide for years.

Our proprietary handle & gimbal design can either be unlocked as a fluid gimbal for floating stabilizer shots or locked inline for stationary monopod shots. The slim design and narrow base allow the shooter to hold the CrossFire FP close to the body, relieving stress and enabling tight maneuvers in the most varied circumstances.

The optional XFFP-LF Low Flow kit allows gliding low perspective shots and makes the CrossFire FP a 5-in-1 tool.

Key Features:
RIPOD heights from 20" to 69"
NEW Precision Vertical Balance System: Clean and accurate counter balance system w/ multiple options for vertical balance adjustment - sliding tripod position for coarse adjustment, inline stainless weights for medium adjustment, sliding quick-adjust ring weights (one thumbscrew adjustment) for fine-tuning, inline microweights for ultra-fine adjustment.
NEW Precision X-Y Horizontal Balance System: Professional Quick-Release Plate adapted with smooth fore-aft adjustment and keyed lateral adjustment for no-twist, no-bind balance setting
Locking handle w/ NEW tough, no-slip grip allows fluid turns, pans, and tilts in stabilizer & low modes or rock solid stationary shots in tripod mode
Balancing plate and tripod (included) function as a docking/balancing stand, either in combination as a freestanding unit or the balancing plate will attach to any table or horizontal flat plane up to 2" thick
Includes Padded Carrying Case
Optional low mode kit for stabilized low-angle shots also allows for attachment of TFT monitor for easier viewing
Upgradable with either DV Sportster or Navigator arm/vest systems for 6-in-1 functionality
Optional XFFP-WK weight kit recommended for cameras over 7 lbs or for increased flexibility in balancing cameras in Lite Mode

Product Specification

Weight: Lite Mode = 3 lbs / Full Mode = 5.5 lbs
Min Length: Lite Mode = 24" / Full Mode = 31"
Min/Max Tripod Height: 20" / 69
Counterweights: Inline Weights 2 x 0.22 lbs, Collar Weights 2 x 0.14 lbs
Camera Weight Range: 0.35-9 lbs overall (Lite Mode = 0.35-1.8 lbs as equipped or 0.35-5lbs w/ optional XFFP-WK kit, Full Mode = 5-9 lbs as equipped or 2-9 lbs w/ optional weight plate
Construction: Aluminum/Stainless Steel
Item Includes: Stabilizer w/ removable tripod and quick-release camera plate, carrying case, 2 stainless inline counterweights, 2 sliding stainless ring counterweights, microweights, balancing plate
Warranty: 2 year parts/labor

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