Varizoom VZ-DVMediaRig Camera Support

Stabilising shoulder support for DV Camcorders

Varizoom VZ-DVMediaRig Camera Support

Stabilising shoulder support for DV Camcorders


Cat no: 5450

  • Adjustable sliding top stage for uneven payloads
  • Dual camera control handles for precise, steady guidance
  • Counter-weighted shoulder arch for balance and stability
  • Comfortable abdominal support and spring-loaded suspension pod free hands to orient camera
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Varizoom VZ-DVMediaRig Camera Support

Stabilising shoulder support for DV Camcorders

The Media Rig is VariZoom's most popular support for compact HD cameras and DSLRs. The Media Rig is a fully-supported, comfortable shoulder support that doesn't restrict movement and lets you shoot all day without fatigue. Unique features like the shock-absorbing support pod, fluid tilting action, adjustable shoulder arch, and swiveling counterweight provide great ergonomics for smooth and effortless shooting. The system also includes a rotating accessory mount for lights, mics, and monitors.

Camera support is essential during a long day of filming, but long hours of filming can cause extreme fatigue and pain. The Media Rig from VariZoom is a specifically designed shoulder rig for cameras such as compact HD cameras & DSLRs, and offers superior shoulder camera support, allowing operators to film throughout the entire day pain-free.

Dual-Stage Suspension Pod Makes for a Comfortable Camera Shoulder Rig
The latest version of our popular Media Rig shoulder video camera mount is improved in nearly every way. Our shock-absorbing support uses a dual-stage suspension pod that distributes the camera weight to your body (instead of your arms and shoulders) while providing shock absorption. The suspension pod fits into a holster on the belt, supporting the weight of the camera and allowing you to shoot comfortably. The camera position can be adjusted side-to-side and front-to-back for optimal balance and to allow viewing of a flip-out LCD or DSLR viewfinder.

The suspension pod also allows smooth control over the height of your shot, so you can shoot at any level with no strain. Easily shoot up or down at the eye level of your subject without uncomfortable bending or stretching. Even shoot over a crowd of people by simply extending and locking the suspension pod. Combined with the ability to tilt fluidly through 180 degrees, the shock absorbing support allows you to shoot all day without fatigue or unsteady framing.

The Adjustable Shoulder Mount Provides Customized Shoulder Camera Support
Another unique feature of the DV Media Rig is our adjustable shoulder arch mount. It pivots from side to side, slides up and down, includes a breathable mesh shoulder pad, and an adjustable, interchangeable counterweight system at the rear to provide neutral balance and effortless operation.

If you want a simple, more flexible setup, you also have the option of using the DV Media Rig without the suspension pod and belt. The pod detaches in an instant, so it’s easy to switch from pod-supported to free-mount at any time.Made with finely machined aluminum and stainless steel components, the DV Media Rig adds a high level of professionalism at a low cost.

The new and improved DV Media Rig now includes various improvements to the hardware and design based on customer feedback and improvements to our production process:

  • NEW plush, breathable shoulder pad with improved mounting system
  • NEW improved 4-point accessory mount allows mounting above and below and locks in place – perfect for monitors, lights, mics, XLR adapters, etc.
  • NEW no-slip, durable, dual layer hand grips
  • NEW improved quick release plate, interchangeable with other VariZoom products
  • NEW professional black anodized finish
  • NEW improved adjustment hardware
  • Pivoting, adjustable counterweight system for neutral balance
  • Shoulder arch mount swivels side-to-side and adjusts up and down, allowing ideal positioning for eyepiece, flip out monitor, balance and comfort
  • 2 year warranty

Product Specification

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 16 x 7 in
Weight 4.5 lbs (2.04 kg)
Full Width 12.5"
Full Length 24"
Pod Min. Length 18"
Pod Max. Length 32"
Compatibility Most Cameras that can be handheld
Includes Suspension pod, padded shoulder support rig w/ quick release assembly, adjustable belt w/ holster
Warranty 2 year parts/labor
  • 1 x Adjustable Shoulder Arch
  • 1 x Handle Section
  • 1 x Belt
  • 1 x Spring Pod
  • 1 x Quick-release Plate
  • 1 x Tilt Lever
  • 1 x Accessory Mount
  • 1 x Swiveling counterweight

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