iFootage Wildcat Handheld Camera Stabiliser

Lightweight Compact Stabiliser

iFootage Wildcat Handheld Camera Stabiliser

Lightweight Compact Stabiliser

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  • Unique Design
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Quick Release Base
  • Adjustable Counter Weights

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iFootage Wildcat Handheld Camera Stabiliser

The iFootage Wildcat is a very small, lightweight and compact handheld camera stabiliser that has been designed for use with DSLR’s and smaller camcorders up to 2kg. The Wildcat’s shafts are constructed with 6 x layers of Carbon Fibre which are both very lightweight and extremely strong.

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The folding tri-balance arm weights are removable and each arm has three weights, 148g, 47g and 35g to allow you to increase or decrease the weight depending upon your camera’s weight to achieve a perfect balance.

The supplied camera mounting plate can be moved both forwards and backwards and from side to side with marker indicators enabling the same position to be quickly located in the future. The central shaft can also be shortened or extended depending upon the weight attached and this too has marker indicators for a quick set up. The soft foam Gimbal handle is also fully adjustable to help with low or high angle shooting modes.
The Wildcat is supplied with a quality carry case that attaches around your waist.

Product Specification

Weight: 1.1kg ( Inc all counter weights attached)
Dimensions: 65mm x 60mm x270mm
Load capability: 450g-2000g (2kg Max)
Front to back plate adjustment 75mm x 75mm

Left to Right plate adjustment 40mm

Material: Carbon Fibre shafts, Stainless Steel Weight balancers, Black Anodized Aluminium.

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