Hague Camcrane K10 with Remote Pan & Tilt Head

Crane with Pan & Tilt Head

Hague Camcrane K10 with Remote Pan & Tilt Head

Crane with Pan & Tilt Head

SKU: K10

Cat no: 10288

  • Supports up to 2.7kg cameras
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries
  • Almost 4 metres high
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Camcrane K10 with Remote Pan & Tilt Head

The Camcrane K10 by Hague is a quick and simple crane that supports cameras up to 2.7kg. Once the camera is balanced with standard bar weights (not supplied) the crane can run the camera smoothly from ground level up to nearly 4 metres high while the camera is able to rotate a full 360degrees. Total length of the crane is 3.6 metres (2.5 metres from the stand to the camera) and is perfect for cameras less than 2.5kg in weight. With the optional monitor bracket you will be able to add a LCD screen to the crane to monitor your shots.

The remote pan and tilt head that you get included is an electronic motorized power head and is fastened by a ¼” screw. The tilt correction plate enables 30 degree tilt. With a variable pan speed of 4 to 8 degrees per second and variable tilt speed of 1.2 to 2.4 degrees per second, the Hague Camcrane K10 will get the best out of high shots. Power head is powered by 4 AA batteries.

Product Specification

Supports up to 2.7kg
Camcrane -Length 3.6m (2.5 meters from the stand to camera)
Shipping Weight 13kg
Shipping Dimensions 1.2m
Pan & Tilt Head Dimensions 145x115x103mm (5.75x4.5x4 inches)
  • Camcrane,
  • Fine Trim Weight,
  • Weigh Bar, Remote Pan & Tilt Power Head,
  • Power Head Remote with extension cable.

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Hague Camera K10 Camcrane with Stand & Remote Pan & Tilt Power Head